Prospective studies regarding the planning of future facilities

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  • Client: City of Bry-sur-Marne 

  • Duration: March 2015 - June 2015

  • Key figures: a population of 16,000 + 3,224 in 2029

The Context

Bry-sur-Marne launched the review of its local master plan and, on this occasion, took the opportunity to thoroughly assess some specific to the city issues. The city has formed part of the Grand Paris development project since 1st January 2016, and as such needs to acquire all the necessary tools to establish and highlight its own identity within a group of municipalities having a population of 7,000,000.

The programme

The aim was to compare the local public facilities to those provided by other municipalities located in the Paris Region and having a population between 15,000 and 20,000, in terms of:

  • Education
  • Sports
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Culture
  • Social care (child and elderly care)

The Study

Demographic analysis
  • Analysis of the existing demographic structure
  • Demographic perspectives on the basis of known urban projects

Thematic analysis
  • Assessing the local provision of public facilities by comparing them to those of other municipalities (quantitative data) and by carrying out interviews with municipal agents (qualitative data). Three points were considered:
    • Proximity, everyday life, social ties (healthcare, primary education, social care, local retail provision)
    • Educational, sports and cultural development (secondary and higher education, sports, culture)
    • Attractiveness and reputation (retail, culture, museums, sports and leisure)
  • Putting forward a series of propositions aiming to improve the local provision of public facilities even in the case that the population increases in the future

The specific case of the Léopold Bellan gymnasium
  • Identifying the geographical and architectural advantages and constraints of the building
  • Putting forward a series of propositions regarding the conversion of the building