Espace jeumont – Cité des Arts

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  • Client: CINOR and city of Saint-Denis

  • Duration: 2009-2012

  • Key figures: 30,000sqm  (15,000sqm of adjusted gross floor area during the 1st phase)

The Context

From the beginning, Espace Jeumont, a theatre and arts centre at Saint-Denis, La Réunion, attracted independent artists from across the island with its large and rustic volumes, which offer modularity to societies and troupes looking for independent venues.

The Vollard Troupe settled there and its influence extended beyond the frontiers of the island. The conurbation (known as CINOR) launched the rehabilitation of the former brownfield land in order to create spaces that meet the needs of the touring companies and the increasingly professionalised cultural associations, and thus sustain the wide span of creative practices hosted on the site.

The Programme

The programme comprises spaces intended for creative practices (music, drama, writing, costume design, sets), venues (a modular space with the capacity to accommodate up to 1,500 people as well as a space accommodating up to 200  people), communal and accommodation facilities.

Our Tasks

Our programming consultants contributed to elaborating the main components of the "Cité des Arts" project.
Drawing on the existing elements, we aimed to meet the needs of a conurbation of 200,000 inhabitants for quality cultural amenities while preserving diversity through performing arts (music, dance and theatre), visual arts (painting and sculpture) as well as digital arts and literature.

The project is split in two phases and will be carried out on a 30,000 sqm plot of land.
The first phase concerns the former Butor forge and foundry (14,000sqm) on the west part of the site while the second phase will take place on the east part of the site.