Hierles District

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  • Client: Thau Conurbation

  • Duration: 2014-2015

  • Key figures: A district of 13 ha

The Context

The municipality of Frontignan plans to develop one of the last plots belonging to its land bank within the Hierles district, which lies between Peyrade and the centre of Frontignan. The urban planning documents mention that this area can be developed if a comprehensive project is put forward. The municipality, assisted by Thau Agglo, intends to encourage the urbanization of the district in order to meet the increasing housing needs.
They tasked AREP with the urban planning while Menighetti ensured the programming aspects of the project.

The Project

The project features a mixed-use development that includes about 1,000 housing units and aims to create a link between the two central parts of the city -Peyrade and the city centre. The site has a number of natural (flood risk) and industrial (hydrocarbon storage tanks nearby affecting the landscape) constraints. The major challenge lies in the development of an integrated project on the edge of the park -the central element of the project- providing housing, facilities and residential services.

The Programme

Definition of the facilities that need to be created in the future residential area

Assessment of the existing facilities and services:
  • Taking into consideration facilities at all scales, from the conurbation through to the district level
  • Paying special attention to school catchment areas and the increasing number of students

Programme proposals for the Hierles district that include a school, a nursery, and retail outlets likely to enhance the value of the commercial zone at Portes du Muscat.

Definition of the purpose and content of the urban park project:

  • Assessing the network of major parks and public spaces in the conurbation
  • Proposing a purpose for the Hierles park
  • Drafting the programme for the park

Consistency between the programme and the project.