Paris Institute of Political Studies

  • Share project

  • Client: Sciences PO – EPAURIF

  • Ongoing project (launched in March 2015)

  • Key figures: 17,000sqm of premises

Le Contexte

The Institute of Political Studies (also known as Sciences Po), a world-class institution of higher education, desires to pair its academic excellence with high-quality facilities for students, researchers and staff.
Currently, the Institute facilities are spread over seven different sites, all of them located in the heart of Paris. Courses take place in heritage buildings of great architectural value but offering limited possibilities for remodelling. The Institute aspires to expand its campus facilities in order to implement educational processes in line with changing teaching methods, such as MOOCs and group projects, without leaving the centre of Paris, which attracts foreign students.
The Hôtel de l'Artillerie, soon to be vacated by the Ministry of Defence, represents an unexpected opportunity for the Institute to expand because of its proximity to the original Sciences Po building. This prestigiously located site will allow to develop an urban campus combining teaching and research activities with a vibrant student life.