Pandraud Kindergarten and Daycare Nursery

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  • Client: Municipality of Villemomble

  • Duration: November 2014 - February 2015 (First phase)

  • Key figures:

  • Surface area: 552 sqm net usable area

The Context

The Saint-Charles nursery will be temporarily (over the next two to four years) transferred into the modular buildings located in the modular spaces outside Pandraud Gymnasium.  The client decided to maintain these modular buildings after the retransfer of Saint-Charles nursery in order to host two already existing early childhood facilities:

  • the kindergarten, which has a capacity for 20 children and is located within the school premises situated at 26 Avenue Detouche;
  • the daycare nursery, which provides 20 places and is located at 9-21 Rue du Docteur Calmette.

Our commission

Our task firstly consists in establishing a preliminary programme in order to assess the needs of these two facilities on the basis of their current capacities. However, plans already exist for the provision of ten more places in the kindergarten, which will bring its total capacity to 30 children.

Secondly, our client required a functional assessment of the project to establish the facility program in the modular buildings, and asked us to identify any issues related to each functional unit.