Casa Europa Building

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  • Client: Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

  • Timeframe: January 2019-May 2019

  • Key figures:

    • 13 storeys

    • 10,000 sqm

    • 10 departments of the French Consulate

The Context

Located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, in the historic and economic district of Centro and in close proximity to Santos Dumont airport and major trunk roads, Casa Europa, formerly Maison de France, is a major European administrative centre within the city.

In 2016, the Tryptique-Arcadis-Boutté consortium carried out a series of technical assessments that set in motion the renovation of the building, whose technical facilities were severely damaged.
In parallel, the political commitment to strengthening the synergy between the French and German administrations led in 2018 to the project of housing the Goethe Institute and a brand new Franco-German media library in the building.

In order to anticipate the changes to come, the client-owner and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs are developing a scenario for the relocation of the current occupants of the Casa Europa building.

The need for efficient organization and optimal cost management led the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs to assign the architectural programming to Menighetti through the Tryptique-Arcadis-Boutté consortium.

The Mission

  • Pre-programming phase
    • Identifying development and organizational priorities.
    • Site analysis, also including the analysis of its assets and dysfunctions.
    • Identifying the main goals in cooperation with the key actors of the targeted activities.
    • Putting forward the programmatic strategies for the new French Consulate.
  • Programming phase
    • Elaborating the detailed architectural, functional and technical programme allowing the launch of the design studies.
    • Finalizing the cost estimate, costs and timeframe.
    • Programming the equipment and furniture that are necessary for the activities to function properly
  • Detailed layout phase
    •  Realization of layout diagrams for each functional entity at workstation level, illustrating the typical organization and function of common spaces.
By renovating and rethinking the functioning of the French Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, we contribute to improving France's outreach in Brazil