WaterFront in Bahrain

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  • Client: General Directorate of Urban Planning - Ministry of Labour 

  • Duration: November 2016-September 2017

  • Key figures:

    • 42 km of coastline

    • 7 identified sequences

    • 4 structuring facilities

    • 14 complementary facilities

The Context

Rethinking the waterfront is a major opportunity to reclaim this emblematic area of Bahrain, an archipelago of 33 islands whose long-standing relation to the sea has been threatened by some recent developments.
The BFTPI project (Bahrain French Town Planning Initiative) kicked off in March 2016 bringing together Expertise France (representative), AREP Ville, Setec and Egis. The aim was to provide the Kingdom of Bahrain with urban development tools by implementing strategic planning tools. The Waterfront project has allowed to bring into operation the suggested methodology.
The Bahrain Waterfront project showcases a new model of sustainable urban development that has brought together the expertise of Menighetti in urban programming and of AREP Ville in urban development.

A new model of sustainable urban development.

The mission

Assessment stage

  • Assessment of current economic, demographic and social trends:
  • Identify development and organisation priorities for the waterfront area
  • Set forth the initial programming intentions that would support the urban analysis

Programming stage
  • Proposition regarding the spatial distribution of the 4 structuring facilities and the 14 complementary facilities
  • Drafting of programme sheets for each facility accompanied by a benchmark, according to the following themes:o Make Bahrain a shining example of scientific research
    • Unveil Bahrain's culture and built heritage
    • Develop leisure facilities
    • Create a diverse residential offer
    • Support local economy by backing market gardening and helping structure the tourist industry
  • Design stage
Close collaboration with a team of town planners (AREP Ville) during the design process