Tourist developments at Pointe Marin and Salines

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  • Client: Martinique Region

  • Duration: 2014-2015

  • Key figures: Sc. Pointe Marin 3 800m² SP+9 300m² Ext./ Sc. Salines 2 100m² SP+930m² Ext.

The Context

Sainte-Anne is one of the major tourist attractions of Martinique thanks to Pointe Marin and Salines.
This urban programming study is part of a project launched by the regional authorities in both these zones, aiming to implement " tourist development areas" to foster economic development, and thus confirm the island's position as a beach destination.

The Programme

We have been able to put forward scenarios regarding the provision of amenities and services at Pointe Marin and Salines. The tasks involved at the different stages of the process were:
  • auditing the current situation and assessing needs
    • defining perimeters
    • defining typologies (users, amenities, services)
  • Assessing the current provision and analysing expected needs
  • Assessment report
  • Scenarios