Tehran train station district

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  • Client: Islamic Republic of Iran Railways (IRIR)

  • Handover: Ongoing project

  • Key figures: 140ha of land potential

The Context

Railway-related buildings and infrastructure on the Tehran site are to evolve and be reorganised in a more consistent way as part of the revitalised rail service supply in Iran. The site is located in south Tehran's dense urban fabric and provides opportunities for regeneration by forming a brand new urban centre in a changing district.

Menighetti has been assigned the challenging task to propose a programme which would be consistent with the architectural and urban recommendations made by the project management teams.

Our tasks

  • Analysing the existing situation, including:
    • Analysis of the current demographical structure,
    • Analysis of the housing market in comparison to other Tehran districts, and of service industries in comparison to similar global cities,
    • Analysis of the supply of public sector facilities through a threefold approach:
      • Proximity,  everyday life and social ties (healthcare, primary education, social care, local retail provision),
      • Educational, sports and cultural development (secondary and higher education, sports, culture)
      • Attractiveness  and reputation (retail, culture, museums, sports and leisure)
  • Proposing a programme which would be consistent with the urban and architectural analysis of the site, including:
    • Proposition of a local scale programme featuring:
      • areas for housing facilities that the site might potentially accommodate,
      • and associated local amenities (schools, administration, healthcare, social care, etc.)
    • Proposition of a metropolitan and national scale programme featuring:
      • areas intended to accommodate services,
      • and associated amenities with a nationwide attractiveness.