2024 Olympics: Menighetti tasked with the development studies for the Aquatics

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Menighetti , Une Fabrique dans la Ville and François Leclercq practice have been tasked by the Greater Paris metropolitan authority to carry out the development studies for the Plaine Saulnier and the Olympic Aquatics centre.

The 12ha site is located to the south of Saint-Denis. Railway tracks, motorways and the Saint-Denis canal run through it, adding to the complexity of the development project, while highlighting its key location.

The joint venture will put forward programming and urban solutions that aim to reconcile a lively neighbourhood for future residents with a sporting facility whose significance will extend beyond the city's boundaries.

This is a major project for the Greater Paris metropolitan authority, and the cities of Paris and Saint-Denis. Several preliminary studies have already been carried out, in which Menighetti has been involved in order to study how the Aquatics centre can be reconfigured at the end of the Olympics and to assess additional functions that could ensure the durability of its economic model in the long run.

The Aquatics centre will be the only sporting facility built specifically for the Games and it will definitely enhance the attractiveness of the entire metropolitan area.