Opening of a Menighetti branch in the French Antilles-Guiana

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Menighetti continues its expansion in the overseas departments and regions by opening its French Antilles-Guiana branch in Jarry/Baie-Mahault, Guadeloupe.
We have been present in the Caribbean since the late 1980s and in the French Guiana since the late 1990s with some 100 projects. We are now stepping up our activities in the French Antilles-Guiana to be closer to our clients and advise them on their projects more effectively.
Combined to our integration into AREP Group, this step is a huge opportunity to broaden our field of action to encompass a new portfolio of services for our clients in the area.

Our ongoing projects
• Guadeloupe
Chamber of Commerce and Industrie (CCI) of Guadeloupe: Feasibility study and pre-programming for the new training centre of the Guadeloupe Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Municipality of Baie-Mahault: Feasibility study and programming for a new administration building in the town centre.
SENSAMAR: Urban programming for the regeneration of the Carmel district (Basse-Terre) as part of the urban renewal plan.
• Martinique
Municipality of Rivière-Salée: Feasibility study and programming for the reconstruction of the town hall and workshops.
Martinique: Urban programming aiming to enhance the tourist land development at Pointe-Marin and Salines.
• St Barts Island
Feasibility study and programming for the development of the spaces at Gustaf III Fort
Programming for the new fire station and the diversion of Route 209.
• Saint-Martin
Feasibility study and programming for the local youth centre.
• French Guiana
Urban programming as part of the land planning scheme for Larivot.

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