Menighetti was initially founded with the purpose of programming facilities, services and everyday spaces, but soon expanded its vision to the rationalisation and the optimisation of city components, as diverse as cultural amenities, housing and offices, etc

Our expertiseis built around four core specialties, which are available on all territorial scales:
• Urban programming
• Architectural programming
• Optimisation and value enhancement of real property assets
• Needs assessment studies related to new facilities and services
We assist contracting authorities and guide them through the decision-making process by providing forward-looking solutions while remaining on the lookout for new uses in line with the urban setting.

Our programming consultants support the transformation of cities and regions by delivering a looking-forward and sustainable approach to development

Pioneering and innovating

Pioneering: Since 1979, we have carried out more than 4.300 studies and have therefore acquired a long-standing expertise in and experience with all types of public and private facilities and services.
Innovating: We created working tools that have set the standards in our four core activities and can be used on all territorial scales.
1979  Typologies of uses and users, files and mappings
1987  Development of the Urbis application
1994  Statistical models
1996  Creation of a cities database
2016  Development of specialized applications

A multifaceted company specializing in various fields

Because of our extensive experience in various fields, we have gathered considerable technical data on several sectors:
  • Education, healthcare, social facilities
  • Arts and culture, sports, leisure
  • Industrial, public sector, transport
  • Tourism, venues