Tourist facilities Noor Power Station

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  • Client: Masen – Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy

  • When: 2016

  • Key figures: 3,000ha of solar panels - Potentially 100,000 visitors per year

The Context

The Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN) is carrying out a major project consisting in developing a solar energy power plant with an eventual 580MW capacity, stretching out on some 3,000ha comprising:
  • Electricity production sites – the actual solar farm,
  • Research and development facilities, which form an integral part of the solar farm,
  • Facilities for the reception of visitors and tourists providing for information and demonstration stands, conference and meeting venues and tour paths within a preserved landscape.
The first two components have already launched and form the essential foundation of the Noor Ouarzazate project, whereas the aspects relating to the tourist development are yet to be defined and organised across the site. The aim is to ensure spatial coherence and to organise scientific, industrial and touristic activities in a consistent way in order to enhance the attractiveness of this cutting-edge scientific and industrial project.
The Project
MASEN called on our programming skills in order to obtain a consistent land use plan for the entire site, our approach allowing to seamlessly combine technical, economic, scientific and tourist goals and to promote compatibilities and synergies.

Our Tasks / The programme

Our tasks encompassed the three following stages:
  •  Support the MASEN teams throughout the process of defining the tourist development concepts for the Noor Ouarzazate complex and its surrounding territory,
  •  Study and analyse the potential opportunities offered by the industrial complex and the tourist attractiveness of Ouarzazate,
  •  Develop various scenarios regarding the tourist development both of the industrial complex and of the entire territory and propose an associated business plan. Besides meeting our client’s expectations, our work:
  • Translated the components of the tourist development project into concepts able to revitalise and enhance the value of this major scientific and technological facility within a natural site,
  • Supported the combined development of the power plant and its surroundings by bringing new life into the tourist attractions and facilities on a wider scale.