Enhancement and redevelopment of the Hôtel de la Marine

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  • Client:  Centre des monuments nationaux

  • Completion year: 2016

  • Key figures: 10,000 sqm

The Context

Hôtel de la Marine was built in the 18th century and forms with the Hôtel Crillon the background of Place Louis XV, best known as Place de la Concorde.

This prestigious building first hosted the services in charge of the upkeep, storage and repair of the royal furniture, then the Ministry of the Navy after the French Revolution.  Known to Parisians and tourists only from the outside, this listed building consists of some elaborately decorated storeys.

Since the departure of the navy staff at the end of 2015 (they settled into their new premises at Balard), the Centre des Monuments Nationaux has been responsible for the enhancement and redevelopment of the building.

The Programme


  • Implement a unique programme for an exceptional site
  • Adopt a realistic approach given the constraints
  • Take into account two project scales in our approach


We will carry out the project by applying an iterative approach combining concepts and spaces and bringing together the spirit of the project and the sense of place in order to enhance the value of the site in terms of culture and tourist development.

The project

The idea behind the project:

  • Bring together three elements with the aim to ensure the economic and financial equilibrium of the project: services, visit tours and temporary exhibition spaces, food and beverage amenities.
  • Create a space which would be a destination in itself offering open access to restaurants and coffee shops, cultural projects, visit tours, cultural workshops, etc.

The priorities of the project

  • Rise to the challenge of enhancing an iconic heritage building subject to technical constraints which is located in a prestigious but highly frequented urban setting.
  • Create a walk-through space, open to the neighbourhood while preserving the interior courtyard from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Enhance spaces that vary in size and heritage value.
  • Combine a private programme accommodating services with spaces open to the public.
  • Deal with accessibility issues and regulate flows to ensure the functional and spatial consistency of the overall programme.


The Centre des Musées Nationaux wishes to implement a functional and detailed programming approach on the basis of preliminary sector-specific studies. This approach aims both to deal with the aspects related to the public access of the building and to ensure consistency between the different elements of the building given the considerable heritage and architectural constraints.